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Thermal Gloves

Thermal Gloves

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Does the cold weather make you freeze?

Thermal Glove is what you need:

✅ Perfect for Winter
✅ No cold Hands
✅ Water repellent
✅ Touch Screen function
✅ Keeps warm up to -40 degrees
✅ High quality gloves

The world best outdoor gloves

With the expertise of our partners in cooling and heating, our ThermoHandz™ technology is among the best and most innovative in the industry. And the best part is, our ThermoHandz™ are produced sustainably.

Thanks to ThermoHandz™ technology, our gloves are perfect for any problem. Whether on the way to work, at work, cycling, walking, or outdoor sports. Our ThermoHandz ™ are worn by all kind of people around the world.

Use your Cell Phone without Hands freezing

Thanks to the patented touch-sensitive technology in the thumb and index finger, you can easily use our gloves with any smartphone, tablet or other device with touch control.

This saves you the trouble of taking off your gloves every time you receive a call.

Protect your hands from water and wind!

We all know the feeling that the hands freeze as soon as you go outside.

With our ThermoHandz™ - thermal gloves, you protect your hands from moisture, wind and frost - while you simply move outside or even operate the cell phone at the same time.

No Cold Days Anymore

Dr. William K. Brown MD, PhD, comes from a family of scientists and is a member of our science team. He is a scientist who focused early on the science of heating and cooling. With his expertise, we were able to develop our ThermoHandz™.

We have together made it our mission to make it easier for you to enjoy the outdoors, so you can spend more time with your loved ones in the nature. If you wear the right products, you can do everything without suffering any degree of cold!

Non-Slip, Warmand Breathable

Thanks to the specially made materials for the ThermoHandz™ your hands will stay warm all winter. The outer layer is made of durable, thick nylon, which ensures that no cold air enters the gloves, but enough air gets out, which prevents sweating. This makes our gloves great for cycling and outdoor activities.

The special silicone coating on the palm of the ThermoHandz™ ensures that you have optimum grip even in wet and frosty conditions.

ThermoHandz™ helps everyone

Thanks to our innovative ThermoHandz™ technology, our gloves are suitable for people of all ages. Our ThermoHandz™ are designed to benefit everyone. We receive messages from satisfied customers every day about their great experiences with our gloves.

Our ThermoHandz™ were created so that you will never be freezing outside again. Our goal is to improve your quality of life by using high quality technologies and materials. For a better life without being cold ever again!


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