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Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch

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How will the Combat Medic Pro™ benefit you?

Hear us out. 1 in every 4 deaths in America is caused by heart attacks. That accounts for roughly 600,000 deaths every year from one illness alone.

That could possibly be reduced if more people had access to sophisticated heart rate monitoring technology and prevent it in time. 

The American Heart Association agrees that smartwatch functions could be beneficial, even lifesaving! 

You are right! Most smartwatches in the market offer limited features, are overpriced and fragile. Not anymore with the the Combat Medic Pro™.

Today, we are introducing this newly designed smartwatch to disrupt the overpriced smartwatch industry and offering latest design with excellent built quality, longest battery life and water resistance.

The All-New military grade stylish smartwatch fully designed by ex-military engineers, scientists, product designers and wearable tech researchers in the United States. 

20,000+ Units have been sold. 99% Users love the Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch because of its sleek stylish design, great useful functions, long battery life and toughness.  

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Data

Get real time heart rate and blood pressure data along with alerts if your heart rate stays too high or too low while you’re at rest. Gauge how hard your heart is working during activities with latest dual sensors.

Blood Oxygen (SPO2) Monitoring

Measure your blood oxygen (SPO2) in real time and get more oxygen if your level is not in range.

Sleep Quality Tracking

The Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch can detect interrupted sleep, letting you know when you are tossing and turning or waking during the night. 

Health Metrics

You will know about your health metrics including Steps, Calories and Distance of walking each day.

Make or Answer Calls from your wrist

You can call somebody or answer the calls from your watch with a tap.

Weather Information

Get weather information and forecasts in your location.

Voice Control 

You can command with the voice control.

Music and Shutter Control

You can skip or playback your music while relaxing or running.

Hundreds of Watch Faces

You can set hundreds of analog, digital or other watch face designs including animated ones. 

Multiple Apps and Many More...

You can use many built-in apps, 20+ Sport Modes, Alarms, Timers,....

That's it?

No...Be ready to try this amazing watch.

Don't wait! Get it Now with 50% Off+ Free Shipping to your doorstep. 

Technical Specifications

CPU 8762DK
Memory 128M
TP: Capacitive touch TP, Hynitron 816D
Screen 1.32-inch 360*360 resolution HD round screen
Motor Flat motor, wire-bonded
Bluetooth BT3.0/ 5.0
Data Transfer JL CHIP
Heart rate HRS3605
Pedometer Silan SC7A20
Charging 2PIN magnetic charging cable
Battery Capacity 300mAH 
Waterproof IP68


What's in the Box

1 x Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch
1 x USB Magnetic Charging Cable
1 x User Manual


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