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Sports Magic Headscarf Multifunctional Outdoor Ever-Changing Headscarf Sunscreen Mask Warm Neck Cover

Sports Magic Headscarf Multifunctional Outdoor Ever-Changing Headscarf Sunscreen Mask Warm Neck Cover

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Fabric Type
[Polyester] - Breathable due to being 100% polyester material.
Care Instructions
[MACHINE WASHABLE] - Very easy to clean and wash. Can be washed both by machine or by hand. gets dried very quickly due to the polyester material and its compact size.
  • [EASY MAINTENANCE] - Small and compact size. very easy to fold and kept in pocket, bag etc .
  • [UNISEX]- Can be worn by everyone. men women adults and juniors can enjoy styling this beautifully designed bandana as they wish.
  • [STRETCH MATERIAL] - Feels very snug on the face and around the neck without putting excess pressure. This stretchy bandana expands to length appropriate to the person's dexterity and recoils to its original shape once taken off.
  • [BREATHABLE] - Easy to breath and not restrictive to nose and mouth which prevents the face skin from getting itchy. The breathable material facilitates air flow to prevent sweating in warmer weather and when working out.
  • [SINGLE SIZE] - To fit all face sizes and shapes for. Manufactured in one size but it is adaptable to fit all necks faces and heads, ranging from small to large circumferences.
  • [DIMENSIONS] - 9.8'' (25cm) x 19.6'' (50cm) Weight: 140g .

For any outdoor adventurer, the Bandana in general is the perfect accessory. These durable, versatile pieces of fabric can be used for many different purposes. The Bandana is a must-have for any hiking and outdoor trip. Tube scarf biker bandana, a multifunctional seamless wear, great for outdoor sports and activities. Designed to be worn in various different ways thanks to its durable material where it can be shaped diagonally, squared, triangular or rectangular. Cool American flag with a white motorbike watermark and a skeleton riding on top ,really cool looking for bike fans and motor enthusiasts. Can be also used as a neck gaiter and a cool wrist band. Some of our customers especially love wearing it on the wrist when playing instruments as it makes a cool look for guitar shredding and other playing styles . Neatly packed in a polybag for minimal space uptake. Size: 9.8" (25cm) x 19.6" (50cm) Weight: 140g


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